OSRS Bloodveld Slayer Guide


Bloodveld is a dreadful demon that attacks its enemies using its tongue to suck the blood off of them and cause critical damage. You cannot damage a Bloodveld osrs, until or unless you have the sufficient Slayer level. Even though they’re demons, weapons such as Demonbane don’t work against them.


In order to face and cause damage to Bloodveld osrs, you are required to have at least level 50 in Slayer. They can only be killed on an assignment, which is given to by one of the following Slayer Masters; Chaeldar, Vannaka, Duradel, and Nieve. After the addition of Mutated Bloodvelds in the Catacombs of Kourend, you now have the option to complete your task in an alternative manner.

Bloodvelds attacks are magic-based melee, so it’s best that you have decent equipment on you that can boost up your magic defense, because, without it, you may end up being dead. An alternative way if you’re not interested in attacking them head-on is using Ranged and safe-spotting them from a distance. Now let’s move onto the next part of this osrs bloodveld slayer guide.

Locations & Safe-spots

Bloodvelds can be found in various places across OSRS, but if you’re just starting off, then the best place for you would be the Stronghold Slayer Cave tasked by the Slayer Master Nieve. There’s a good safe spot there thanks to the walls within the location that allows you to stay out of sight and attack the creatures.

The second location would be the second floor of the Slayer Tower, where there’s also a safe spot located in the top-right corner of the primary room (the room with a chair). The armor stands there can also be used to face them off from a distance.

The third location in this osrs bloodveld guide would be the God Wars Dungeon, and you can safe-spot them here by standing behind the rock piles located near the rope exit (or further to the north-eastern section of the area). However, this strategy would require you to have a Saradomin and Zamorak item on you, because that way you can solely focus on the Bloodvelds and no other NPCs will attack you.

The fourth location isn’t really where Bloodvelds are located, but another variant of them, known as Mutated Bloodvelds. To locate them, you’ll have to enter the Catacombs of Kourend, and the layout of the passage is similar to that of Nieve’s Slayer Cave, so you can easily safe-spot them as well. The reason why this location is worth mentioning is that it provided far better experience and loot than the other locations mentioned above. However, we recommend you in this osrs bloodveld slayer guide to have good defensive equipment on you, even though you’re going to safe-spot them because you never know when mis clicks can happen.

Recommended Equipment

The equipment that you take along with you entirely depends on how you’re planning to approach the Bloodvelds to complete your slayer task. If you choose melee, then equip a good magic defense gear, and if you’re going to safe-spot them, then choose a good ranged gear with a powerful offensive bonus for faster kills.

Coming back to melee, protection prayer like Protect from Melee is known to be highly effective, and yet if you still don’t want to do that, then go with the best Dragonhide equipment that you can afford. Other than that, if you’re not interested in obtaining any combat experience, and you’re camping them for the purpose to finish your task, then you can choose to bring your Dwarf Multi Cannon for swift kills. However, you’ll need a good amount of gold, because these methods can get a little costly. But if you do for the Multi Cannon method, then do remember to equip a Warriors’ Ring.

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