Blizzard Rehashing Old Content for World of Warcraft?

If you’ve ever been on the World of Warcraft forums Blizzard is usually blamed for anything that players have issue with at the game. While sometimes they’re completely right, others they’re simply out of the loop. However, one of the most divisive issues is the so-called “recycling” of old content.
If you’ve never had the liberty of playing World of Warcraft then all you really have to know is this. The MMO is on its second expansion (Wrath of the Lich King) and players have already been introduced to a dungeon and over a dozen bosses that have already been used, albeit seen by a very small portion of the player base at the time. However, for the second time this current expansion, players are going to be refreshed with another old dungeon from the first installment of the game.

Onyxia-the very same that is the subject of a Youtube video that proved to be a cult classic among World of Warcraft players. The reasoning behind this revival is the fact that the fifth anniversary is coming up. Those that were around for the fourth anniversary will recall that you were simply rewarded with a Baby Blizzard Bear vanity pet.

The question begs to be asked and has been brought up on numerous occasions in threads all across Blizzard’s forums. Are they recycling used content? In effect, yes, that’s exactly what it is. The loot that she’ll drop has been updated (models the same to the delight or chagrin of certain people) and even a few special things have been added, but the fact remains the same. This is actually a fight that many people had the opportunity to see (Naxxramas was the exception and neutered into baby’s first dungeon).

With how shockingly new Ulduar looked when people first stepped foot into inside it’s certainly surprising that something new wasn’t developed for the half decade anniversary. The fact that such a relatively simple encounter is being retuned doesn’t do much for the argument that Blizzard isn’t recycling content.

On the other hand, players have already begun to make this same argument for the upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. There’s a distinct difference with what is being done with the expansion and what was done for the likes of Naxxrama and Onyxia’s Lair. The entire world is going through sweeping changes in Cataclysm; the experience is changing like never before. For those who had leveled before the expansion in old world, savor those memories because you’ll never be able to experience them again (a blessing in some regards).